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School Business Officials' Certification
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School Business Administrator

  •  Bachelor's or master's degree from an approved institution with a major in business administration or public administration, and completed course work in law, accounting, finance, management, personnel and informational systems; OR 
  •  Bachelor's degree from an approved institution OR a master's degree or sixth year degree in education administration, having completed 12 semester hours of credit in school law, school finance, school plant planning and operation, school business administration, budgeting and resource management, personnel, collective bargaining, systems analysis and operation; OR 
  •  In addition to a bachelor's degree from an approved institution, three years of successful experience in public or private business administration, educational administration, or public administration, involving at least six of the following responsibilities: (1) accounting and reporting; (2) financial planning and budgeting; (3) operation and maintenance of plant; (4) administering personnel functions; (5) purchasing and supply management; (6) data processing; (7) food service operations; (8) grant applications and reporting; (9) insurance; (10) collective bargaining and (11) transportation.

Please note:  In order to advance a certificate endorsed for School Business Administration (085) to the professional level, candidates must have completed either a master’s degree or at least 30 semester hours of graduate credit, including graduate credits earned to obtain the initial 085.

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